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The story of India and Africa are very similar. First i wanted to tell you that both the countries India and Africa both country were Slaves under the British rule. India under slave of British around 200 years both country are very rich in raw material and have a very big amount of spices but because of slaves of Britishers both county were hugely effected.There was slavery and bonded labour, child labour in these countries in history. Now European languages probably dominate the literature, and education. The cultural heritages in these countries, many of them being old and not having sufficient protection or funds , may not live long and well. Some churches and other religion institutions in these countries probably propagate some ideas that could be conflicting with the local cultural practices. They could confuse the children and youth.People from both regions have long suffered from oppression, poverty, diseases, ignorance etc. Both people have been tolerant to outside attacks. These countries are now a big market for advanced countries. Economy in these countries is controlled a lot by people and the economies of the advanced western and eastern countries. Many of these countries are dependent on advanced countries for funding. UNO plays an important role in both.
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