1.Why do we play??
2.How many hours will u spend for playing??
3.Did u felt, playing games made u to think better??
4.Which game, do u like the most??

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1)  Who was the first Indian sports person who wins the Olympic medal in any individual event?
2)  Who was the First captain of Indian Test Cricket Team?
3)  Name the 4 grand slam tournament of Lawn Tennis?
4)  Name the First Ever Cricketer given out by the Third Umpire?
5)  Name the country which is currently champions of Football World Cup?
6)  Name the venue of Olympic 2016?
7)  In which year India had won last gold medal in Olympic in hockey?
8)  Name the venue of First Asian Games?
9)  Name the First Cricketer who scores 400 runs in an Inning in Test Cricket?
10) Name the first sports person who win Bharat Ratna Award?
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