First, start with ur name and and class.
Then, say what is an invention, and who is an inventor.
Invention is anything which is invented by an inventor, i.e., a new thing- a material, or a project, which is beneficial for the public is an invention.
People who make these inventions, are inventors.

The inventors are to be praised for their excellence. But, in our country, the people who are finding the new things are not praised, and supported much. Instead, some people are asking the invention to give to them. This was the true situation for every scientists, and the inventors in India. This should be changed.
For example, if anyone finds a new alternative cheap fuel, there are people to threaten him, and ask him the formula of it. But, there is no one to praise him.

Then, say about the changes u wish to come in the invention sector. 

Then, u may conclude by saying that, Inventors bringing a new life to the world. They are like the god. They are improving this modern world.
Then, say Thank you for ur speech, and finish it.

Thank you.
Hope this will help you.