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He teached us various things..

1) To assume honesty as teh greatest weapon.

2) To walk on the path of non-violence.

3) To be self-reliant.

4) To respect women.

5) To have simplicity in life.

6) To promote swadhesh.

7) To promote ahimsa and satyagraha.

8) To love and respect everyone.

9) To be the leader..

10) And to be the best personality...

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Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader and freedom fighter. His contribution for our independence is memorable.I have learnt many things from his life and action but the 10 best ones are as follows-

1.Simplicity-Gandhiji led a very simple life as the saints live.He had only 2 or 3 pair of clothes.He wore khadi clothes.It was clear that he was not greedy for money, publicity or anything else.

2.Great teacher-Gandhij i was a great teacher and he was able to express his feelings in any form to the people.Today I wonder how he was able to share opinion with the orthodox Indians.

3.Equality-Gandhiji believed in equality,when upper castes suppressed the lower ones Gandhiji supported the lower castes.Even he named the Dalits as “Harijans”.Once he said that in next life he would love to be born as a Dalit.
 4.Fond of New Ideas-Gandhiji was fonder of new ideas.He always had many ides running in his mind.He has proven it by his contribution in independence.

5.Exceptional brave-It won’t be wrong if I will say tht Gandhiji was exceptionally brave-Yes,he was.In that early age when we were under British rule who could imagine that,we could get freedom by non-violence.But Gandhiji proved this.

6.Great Speaker & Writer-It is well known that Gandhiji was a very great writer and speaker.His speeches leave a great impact on everyone.He used a very simple language but full of beautiful words.Even today everyone loves to read Gandhiji’s autobiography i.e. “My experiments with Truth”.

7.Improving oneself-Gandhiji believed that no one is perfect thus he always said that best thing to do is to improve yourself,by overcoming your fears and disabilities.

 8.Satute of immense faith-Yes Gandhiji was an immense statue of faith.His beliefs and faiths had turned into political success.

 9.Great thinking-Gandhiji has great thinking which was beyond everyone’s imagination.Even Martin Luter King and Nelson Mandela followed Gandhi’s thinking skills and were successful in their particular goals.

10.Being oneself-Gandhiji believed that being oneself is very important.Having faith in oneself and upon his/her decisions will make that person a successful person.