In which one of the following cases will the distance covered and the magnitude of the displacement are not the same ? justify your answer.

(a) An athlete completes one lap in a race
(b) A raindrop falls in vertically downwards
(c) A passenger in a train travels from Delhi to Mumbai which goes via Rajasthan

A passenger travels in the train from Delhi to Mumbai which then goes to Rajasthan can it have the displacement and distance be the same????
is the correct answer a or b or c
See the passenger travels in a train and as the train path is not straight so the Magnitude of the Displacement will Differ from the magnitude of the Distance.
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In the first case a) the magnitude of the displacement and the distance are not the same .
Explanation : You would be knowing that Displacement is a vector quantity and determines the magnitude and the direction as well , here in the athlete case he completes one lap i.e he comes back to its position from where he started sop the while running the direction at each point was different so the displacement was at each point was also different and when he reached the original position the direction was the same hence the angle would 0 or 360 degree. Displacement means the change in quantity in the initial position.He came back from where he started and the displacement means the length of the straight line path of its curved path or in simple words the length of the line joining the initial position and the final position.Here the initial position is same as the final position so there is no straight line drawn to measure its displacement so the displacement is zero(0). And distance being a scalar quantity which means how much the athlete has walked or traveled(traversed) from its initial position(it is not the change in its initial position) so here the distance would be the length of the one lap path which the athlete has ran.
Conclusion : The magnitude of the distance and the displacement are not the same.Displacement is zero and the distance is the length of the path of one lap.
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