Before you start make sure that you discuss the purpose, the message, the target audience and the content. Work out how many you need to print and what quality you can afford.If you are printing on both sides of a pamphlet each side should have an interesting headline to get people’s attention. Each side should also carry your organisation’s logo or name. You don’t know which side of the pamphlet people will see first and you want them to read it even if they see the back first.Keep your language simple by avoiding long words and jargon. The best pamphlets are short and simple. Make sure that all your facts are right and if you are dealing with policy issues check the contents with your organisation’s leadership.Do not make the layout too dense with lots of small typing. Leave some space in between the writing either as empty white space or as space for logos or pictures. This makes it easier for people to read. Most computers have different fonts [kinds of type face]. Check which are easiest to read and use them. You can also vary the typing by using bold and italics as well as different size letters for headings, captions and so on. Play around with this until your media committee agrees on the best layout. Use bold headlines that catch people’s attention and sound interesting.When you do the layout do each page on a separate sheet of A4 paper. Use a computer if you have access to one. If you are going to reduce the page to a smaller one, remember to use a big type size like 12 point. Check spelling and proof read your pamphlet carefully. Before you take it to the printers make a copy as printers sometimes lose or damage your master copy. Print only enough to distribute to your target group.

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1. Open Microsoft Word by clicking on the icon for it in your “Start” menu on the bottom left-hand corner of your computer screen. A blank document will appear on your screen. 2. Click on File in the top left-hand icon of your screen. A drill down menu will appear with “New” part-way down the list. Click on “New.” 3. Open your browser and go to Microsoft Office Online. Then click on Templates, and then search for Pamphlets.
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