The lilliputians were the small 6 inch people that lived in the land of lilluput.They were insignificant for Gulliver. Although they were very good at maths but in others matters like common sense they were very bad.They had silly wars in the.There were the big endians and small endian. One who broke the egg from the smaller end and one who broke the egg from larger end.There also prevailed high-heels and low-heels.They differentiated on the basis of the heels they wore.They also considered Befescu as the only enemy country in the whole universe. They didnt write like Europeans nor like Arabians but their writing style was different. They wrote aslant from one corner of a page to another. The burying style of the dead was also something which was absurd.They buried the dead upside down. But some learned men in the coubtry didnt believe it। They thought after some years ressurection would happen and earth would turn upside down. This all led Gulliver to think that Lilliputians were insignificant but he respected them Beacuse he was a kind person and their was no one else to help him other that those tiny creatures.
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