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Fuels are precious and present in a limited account, so the conservation of fuels is essential. The government must make awareness.
We can make the people to realize that they are using the fuels in such a high rate, which will make them to conserve the fuel, and it will become as a habit.
1. By making awareness of the more and more consumption of the fuel.
2. By telling the causes.
3. By giving ads in televisions, etc...
Thus, one can make fuel conservation, A HABIT.

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We can make fuel conservation a habit in following ways :-

1) we should use bicycle.
2) we should use gas for cooking.
3) we do not make food in stove because it consumes lot of fuel.
4) we should use electric vehicle.
5) we should walk for near distance.
6) we do not use car and bikes because they consumes lot of fuels.
7) we should use a maintain vehicle because it consume less fuel.