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Fashion is something that we deal with everyday in our life.
In general,fashion is a term popular style or practice especially in clothing,footwear,and makeup etc.We should wear something we are comfortable in.
Fashion in general sense is promoted by the way of celebrity dress.These may include pop stars,film stars or any big celebrity.People generally follow the latest style adopted by these celebrities.Fashion has taken up lives of teenager so much that most of them are more concerned about fashion rather than studies.So we should practice fashion but in a limit.

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Fashion is a very accurate of our life and it is a part of our life and we make a various creative is known as fashion. for girls fashion is a new designs,comfortable
and glamour it's all for the girls fashion . for boys fashion embroidery designs for
kurties , he is also like new things and fit for fashion . for common fashion is
a popualar and latest style of clothing,hair,decoration, or behaivour " the lastest
parisian fashion" vogue,trend,craze,range,mania,mode,fad,fancy and more
a manner of doing something the work is done in a rather casual fashion
manner,way,style,method,mode and more . make into particualar form " the bottle
were fashioned from green glass" construct,build,manufacture,make,create,fabricate,contrive and more

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