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1)Try to create interest in the subject topic
2)Don't just byheart the concepts,but understand it
3)Review ur notes daily
4)Mark the important points in textbook and read it everyday
5)Revise the concepts and connect it with real life experience,read it as a story.
More than everything,read daily and be perfect in the topics and if u have any doubts,ask out with ur teachers...

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First of all it is a great misconception that people develop is-History is boring.
Is really history boring? I say no.In my humble opinion it is one of the best subjects,especially Indian History is very fertile.

It is great to know that you want to become an "Archeologist" so for that you should have a good command over History.

1.Enjoy History,don't take it as a burden or anything like that.
2.Prepare notes of all the chapters.
3.Read all the chapters also from between.Don't just depend on bakc-side questions & answers.
4.Read the lesson as a story.
5.Remember all the dates of history (you can prepare a chart of it and paste it near your study table or any other place so that you can revise the dates whenever you see it.)

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