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Friends are very important in our life.Even i consider myself to be alone or incomplete without my friends.

I expect many thing from my friends and it is always not necessary that they will fulfill my expectations.All expectations are not right for example-If i expect my friend to gift me an expensive watch on my birthday but instead of that he gifts me a teddy or anything else,then its not according to my expectation.

That is why a great person said-Never expect anything from anyone because when he/she does anything not upto your expectation you feel very sad.But if you don't expect anything from anyone and you get something you feel very happy.

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no and plz don't chat here...
accha hua
Hi i can chat with your guys
friends are the outside people we share all our secrets and they are the one whom we mostly communicate other than the members in our family so I expect them to be truthful with me.they should not hide anything from me.this is the main expectation what all true friends expect