Show that -2 and 1/4 are zeroes of the polynomial 4x*-5x*-23x+6 also find the third zero of the polynomial

i think again there might b some mistake in that as equation is leaving -29 as reminder and it should b 0
Q is wrong
Tgere are no exponents there is just a star
if u can plzz delete this question and type it again freshly... as no can ans this... acc. to the condition mentioned in the question.


In order to get check whether it is zero or not just substitute the zeros of polynoomial values in the equation 4x^3-5x^2-23x+6=0 x=(-2) 4(-2)^3-5(-2)^2-23(-2)+6=0 =4(-8)-5(4)+46+6 =-32-20+52 =-52+52=0 === -2 is zero of the polynomial ==== 4x^3-5x^2-23x+6=0 x=1/4 4(1/4)^3-5(1/4)^2-23(1/4)+6=0 4(1/64)-5(1/16)-23/4+6 1/16-5/16-23/4+6 LCM is 16 1-5-92+96/16 -97+97/16 0/16==0 1/4 is the zero of polynomial Last thing to be answered that is 3 root for the equation for this we need to divided any of the root we got with polynomial given. x=-2 can be written as (x+2) on dividing 4x^3-5x^2-23x+6 with x+2 the quotient is 4x^2-13x+3 on finding roots for it we get x=1/4 and x=3 therefore the three roots are 1/4,-2 and 3