An Adventure is an exciting or unusual xperience.It may als b risky.Our life is a beautiful adventure dat each & avery person has &indeed it has 2 b xperienced. It can make us bold 2 face everything in a positive way.There r sum persons who r bored with the usual life &they luk 4 an xtra xcitement frm life. Such persons r ready 2 take risks by putting their lifein danger 2 achieve something.Achievement gives them satisfaction.When the xcitement cms down after sme days, they again crave 4 another adventure....B4 practising Adventure v should hav enough confidence, concentration, physical strength,strong mind to successfully complete an adventorus task.V travel not 2 escape the life but 4 life not 2 escape us.Let us fulfill the bowls of our life with adventures and meanings..Hope tis helps u.......
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Adventer is very intersting one so many them like to go 
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adventure is something that you feel so feel it and wtite
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