This is a very long story that leads to this particular battle.
1. India had lost a war against China in 1962
2. Pandit Nehru had died in 1964
3. Pakistan saw this as an opportune moment to strike against India

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"Indias Heroes" is basically a story of a shy boy named Kabeer,who studies in 8A and his teacher is Reeta Baruah. Ms.Baruah  asked them to do a homework which was to write a speech on what they would like to be when they would grow up. Everyone had various choices,but Kabeer's choice was unique.
He was inspired by not only 1 person,but many people,like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Vishnu Dattaram Zende,Karambir Singh Kang and many more.
His speech made a great impact on the students(Swati was on the verge of crying) and Ms.Baruah. She knew that the future of India was before he eyes and she could foresee that these children would advocate the virtues of peace,tolerance and selflessness and one day lead India to the final summit of peace and harmony.
''indian heroes'' is an assignment done by a shy boy who is not habituated to face whole class and speak.he got assignment on the person who influence them most.he describes about the heroes of 26-11 ,whom we have forgetten