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Today's youth r more stressed than even before .They r in a state of confusion because they r neither treated as children nor grown ups. They r the at stage where they go through many physical and mental changes .The  result in their strange and erratic behavior .During adolescence , friend play an important role .This result in strong peer pressure. bad habits like taking drugs smoking  n gambling r mostly picked up from friends. In spite of lack of interest n aptitude , adolescents often end up doing  things do not want to do. A primary cause for this is parental pressure. parents often persuade their children to take up an activity which interest them rather than the child , They also like to show off their child's achievements in social circle. Stiff competition is rather upcoming problems faced by teenagers. Many a time ,their r not enough avenues for channelising a child 's talents and it goes unrecognized. However , some times child 's promblem is self created as in cases wherein a teenagers has high expectation of himself . The failure to achieve this due to lack of calibre adds to the woes of teenagers. The combined effects of all these factor often leds to mood swings and depression among teenagers........