Dear Diary,

I have been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. It seems like a dream to me at this age but it is an exquisite feeling to be honoured for one's work. Especially when it is something that I immensely enjoy and love to do. I received the call of nomination this morning and since then the day has been spent answering calls from well-wishers from morning to evening. I haven't had a moment's rest to let the news sink in. Finally, I had to snatch a few moments away from loved ones to ruminate in peace. It is a huge honour for me, to get such recognition for my work and to have people talk about it being an important news in their lives. As a writer, I want nothing more than to touch the chords of those who read my books, they should love the book most importantly. I am just blessed to have been nominated.


sorry but i am also searching for the cititation roll so only diary entry !