1.ptyalin-mouth acts on carbohydrates converts to dextros and maaltose
2.pepsin-stomach acts on protiens converts to peptones
3.bile acts on fats and covrts to small globules
4.amylase acts on carbohydrates and converts into maltose
5.trypsin acts on protiens and converts into peptones
6.lipase acts on fats and converts into fatty acids and glycerol
7.peptidases acts on peptides and converts into amino acids
8.sucrase acts on sucrose and converts into glucose
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Different digestive enzymes and their functions are :
1.Lipolytic Enzymes : breakdown fat into glycerol and fatty acids.
2.Proteolytic Enzymes : breakdown proteins into amino acid.
3.Amylolytic Enzymes : breakdown carbohydrates into simple sugar.
4.Nucleolytic Enzymes : breakdown nucleic acids into nucleotides.
5.Pepsin Enzymes : stomach acts on protein converts into peptones.