Some children in the class don't read and don't let others to read also.They create disturbances and try to seek your attention.You should first try to talk to them and resolve the problem.Make them understand that if thy will not bring their books to school regularly it will be their loss only and nobody will suffer for this only they will.If they don't take it seriously simply ignore them and don't react.Tell the other children not to talk to them too.When they will feel lonely and start realizing their own mistake they will stop doing so.If they yet don't change, complain to your class teacher about the children and make them punished.After the punishment they may realize their mistake.In this age usually children are notorious and mischievous, so it's a common thing in schools but it's okay up to an extend but if they cross their limits they are needed to be punished.
i have written all the points the reason for behaviour and also the solution. So, u can take reference from the points and write a discussion.
There are many students in the school who just come to school to have fun , disturb others and distract them.  They don't study and also don't let others study. And not only this they don't bring their books and disturb others. We can stop them from doing this by firstly making them understand that school is not just a place of fun it is the temple of education where they come to gain knowledge . Tell them that their parents pay much amount to make their child well educated and this money is obtained from their parent's hardwork. But still if they don't understand then tell the other students to ignore them and not get distracted . But if they still disturb others them complain to your respective class teacher about them and let them get a good scolding and then they will understand about their mistake .