99, ABC colony,

7th September, 2015

Dear Grandma,
Hello granny, I hope you are fine. Everyone here is quite well. I received your gift just yesterday. Thank you so much for the book! It is of my favorite author Amish Tripathi. I so wanted to buy it.
Granny, you know, my favorite book is written by  him and that is 'Immortals of Meluha', a part of the Shiva trilogy. It is simply amazing. It is so gripping i couldn't help reading it! The story is mythological written modernly. It is about how Shiva, a simple Tibetan tribal man, becomes the Mahadev, god of gods. Later he falls in love with king Daksh's daughter Sati and marries her. She is my favorite character, so brave! The story goes on with the journey of Shiva's Destroying evil. I love the book. It is so interesting with twists and turns just at the right moments. 
Granny, say hello to grandpa and write to me soon.

Your loving grandaughter,