Can you tell me the best asl topic out of the following:
(1) People
(2) Adventure
(3) Environment
(4) Mystery
(5) Children
(6) Sports and games
(7) Money
(8) Culture
(9) Music
(10) Art and craft
(11) House and home
(12) Travel and tourism
(13) Humour and wisdom
(14) Science and fiction
(15) History and legend
(16) Hobbies and interests
(17) Fashion
(18) Passion
pleassse give the answer fast. I want the answer from an expert only . please



Raksha i think the best topic will be adventure .
               i hope that it will help u.
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Kendriya Vidyalaya urs
urs what?
school name and class
thanks for sending your ans fast ,can you tell me how to mark you best?
a notification will come to u asking u that whom to mark the brainiest.
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Raksha you may also choose the topic passion because it helps you the more and it is very simple to present in front of many peoples and in this you have a lot of new and good ideas and this topic is just soo simple. Hope you like my suggestion. Good Luck :)
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