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Many students that do not bring books to class and disturb others tend to be lazy and irresponsible. They are often too focused on other stuff at home such as playing with their friends that they forget to do their work. They can be disturbing in class and the best way to solve this particular issue is to just ignore them. If they continue to do this, then u can let your teacher know. Then this problem can be resolved quickly.

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firstly we should make understand them the importance of education and studies,then we should be polite to them and hear their problems and also try to solve out them if he/she understand by this than it is good but if they don't understand after lot of explanation try to ignore him/her and tell them that if they don't want to study its ok but let others study and be quite in class.if then also that guy act like this hand over him/her to teacher and let the teacher solve this problem.