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Firstly, there are three sectors of economy. These are:-
1-Primary Sector [Raw Materials] →The primary sector is concerned with the extraction of raw materials. 
2-Secondary Sector [Manufacturing] →The secondary sector of economy is concerned with the manufacturing of new products by using these raw materials.

3→Tertiary Sector [Services] →The tertiary sector of economy is concerned with the services in industries and other various places.

Primary sector is the base as if the raw materials will not be there so the manufacturing in industries will not done and if industries will not open so the Tertiary Sector will not work here.

There were 3 economic sectors 

1) primary sector 
2) secondary sector
3) Tertiary sector 

All sector have there own role according to me tertiary sector is bast of all sectors because it gives loans to primary and secondary sectors through which manufacturing is possible and company makes goods for consumers so Tertiary sector is base of all the sectors.