You:  why do you always spend your free time in watching TV ?
friend: I love to watch TV
you: But why? even you can spend time in reading books or writing stories.
friend:but what's the use?
you: It may improve your writing skills.
friend:Ok ones i'll try do so
you:thank you for obeying me .Bye:)
Aastha- Hi Asha. What were you doing now?

Asha- I was watching television

Aastha- Now-a-days you are concentrating on TV more than studies.You should prepare for exams as it is coming near.

Asha- Yes am preparing also but I feel very interesting to watch Tv.And what's wrong in watching Tv?

Aastha- Watching Tv upto 1 to 2 hours is okay but you watch Tv whole day long.It can lead to many problems. Like, you may lose your ranks, and watching serials all the time makes people unhappy and stressed. It also destroys your mind and wastes your precious time.And by siting all the time in one room there is no interaction with the outside world and monotony.

Asha- So, what kind of activities should I do to leave the habit of watching Tv.

Aastha- You shouldn't watch tv serials rather you should watch Nat Geo, Discovery, Animal Planet and news. You should go outside to play outdoor games with us and enhance knowledge by reading good stuff.Read newspaper and do meditation and take up a good hobby like singing,painting,dancing and during holidays join classes where you can learn them well. 

Asha- Yes, I will follow it and quit my habit.I will surely do as you have said.Thanks for your worthy advice.
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