First i would tell him that studies is more important than chatting in facebook .
if he does nt obey that i would try tell him about the consequences ,and would show incidents about it.if he doesnt  listen again i would inform this matter to his parents.i am sure this wont even get here.he will start paying attention in studies
i hope this helps u...
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Aryan- Do you know Sneh that Aman has got poor marks in Maths.
Sneh- Yes,It's all because of his addiction of chatting in facebook.He sits for hours in facebook and never concentrates on studies.
Aryan- We are his friend so we should help him to get rid of his addiction or his future would be in dark.
Sneh - Ya. I have decided that we should talk with his parents.We will tell them that he is lagging in studies due to his bad addiction.They will help him to get out of this.
Aryan- Okay, That's a very good idea.We will also help him to finish his pending homework and complete his projects.We will also help him in studying.
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