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Is that about  Social service ?

     Hello friends,  Here I am to talk about is a controversial topic "Social Service",  liked by some and hated by the others.  Let me see if there is some use by contributing to the society.

    Social service is to do some positive contribution to the development of society.  It could be in any manner by whatever means it is possible to do.  Some of us can help the no-so-well-to-do people in the society either directly or indirectly.  It need not be expensive at all.  We can contribute in terms of educating poor children in our spare time.  We could help them the good ways of healthy living.  We could teach them manners.  We could help them optimize their expenses.  We could tell to avoid smoking, drinking etc.  by giving them good explanation on the harmful effects.

    We can participate through some voluntary organizations or through the school itself.  We can also donate some money to some orphan institutions.  We could pay visit to some homes for physically or mentally handicapped or some orphanages and old age homes.

    You may ask me "why do I need to help others? "   Perhaps some of us do not like the appearance of the unfortunate people of the society.  You are right there.  However, we need to know that each of us is a part of the society.  We are receiving some thing from the society each day.  If you believe otherwise, you are surely mistaken.  It is our social responsibility to contribute to the society, either directly or indirectly.

   Helping others could very well do good for us, as in future when we need help, some one will help us.  While helping someone, we understand the people in the society.  We understand their needs.  We understand the social issues that need to be solved.  Perhaps we will work in future in one activity that is targeted to help the unfortunate section of the society.  If we are looking for opportunities in IAS, IPS etc. it could help us.  Also while doing social service, we meet voluntary organizations.  We get a certificate of service.  We become a member of a noble activity.  It adds to our profile.  We make friends too.  People will respect us.

   Do you remember some movies where the hero or heroine is poor or has problems?  You would have sympathized with them while watching it.  If you did so, then you should help such persons in real life.  Remember that any good you do, does not go fruitless.  Further, we attain certain level of maturity in our lives.  We also understand better the ways of communication with people of another world, different from our world.

    If you are still not convinced my friend, I can give examples like Bill Gates who have given millions of dollars for the society.  Many world beauty pageant winners help the unfortunate people.  If you believe in religion and sins, by helping others, we reduce the effect of sins we have committed knowingly or unknowingly.

    There are many voluntary organizations which are  helping people.  Why, even the big I.T.  companies are helping social causes these days.  Sachin Tendulkar and some film stars are adopting some villages for development.  I think we should have a word with them to get why we need to contribute to the society.  We will be enlightened, I am sure, by their replies.  Perhaps some of us may become social service activists, media persons, community leaders, and politicians.  In that case community service is definitely as plus point, right ?

   Our thinking perspective will change.  We will also see how the government policies are working.  We will know the reality of life.  A hatred or anti feeling for the unfortunate people will go.   We need not sacrifice our life for the society.  But we do whatever little we can.  Our inner mind and heart will be satisfied.

   So friends, I hope you agree with me.

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