Combine the word fragments below to produce pairs of words that have opposite meanings. There are 9 pairs of words, one pair on each line. e.g. USE REF EPT ACC becomes ACCEPT-REFUSE. AB ANT RCE SCA UND WA RY RD BR ICE CO AVE ETY NG SAF ER DA ACT AND CO EXP NTR WN US UNK NO MO FA TR TE IBU HER GAT DIS CAL HO RI RTI TAL VE ZON TIO AL CID EN ENT INT NAL AC OWL OR KN IGN GE ED CE AN



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Abundant    - Scare 
Bravery- Cowardice
Danger     -Safety
Contract  - Expand
Famous- Unknown
Distribute - Gather
Accidental  -Intentional 
Ignorance- Knowledge