Answer the following questions.1.A cell with the single membrane. 2.Which permanent tissue does carrot contain? 3.Three major cell organelles in eukaryotic cells. 4. Name two nucleic acids present in the cell. 5.Name the bone cell. 6.Two types of cattle feed. 7.Give an example to show that shape and size of the cells are relayed to the functions they perform.Frndz..plzz..its urgent

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sorry m not sure of the 2nd answer
am not sure it may be xylem as the carrot is a root and conducts water
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Itz k Arnav..I got the answers..Anyway Thankx.. =)


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1-Animal Cell
3-Nucleus,Cell membrane,Ribosomes
4-Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) 
5-Osteo Cell
6-Grass fed, Com fed

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Thankz a loot for the quick means a looot to me but if u don't mind can u plz clear me sum 2nd ques can I know what parenchyma does in carrot? In 3rd ques..are ribosomes an organelle? for 5th one is there any other answer? =) =)