The product of sunita age two years ago and her age four years from now is one more than twice her present age. what is her present age

and can u tell me I should refer any books or questions paper for psa
u could refer the CCE book
mostly u can also the Oswaal book of series
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Let her present age be x.
Two years ago:-    x-2.
four years from now:-    x+4.
one more than twice her present age:-    1+2x.
Therefore, x= plus or minus 3.
Age cannot be negative.
Therefore, x=3.
Therefore, her present age is 3 years.

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Hope this will help you.
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no mention
can u suggest me which book I should refer for cbse 10
you could prepare for exams by using the R.D. Sharma guide
it will have man questions, and practice it when ou were free, thank you
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Sunitha ' s present age = x sunitha ' s age before 2 years= x-2 Sunitha ' s age after 4 years = x+4 product = (x-2)(x+4) = x^2 + (4-2 ) x -8 Product = 1 +2x (given) = x^2 + (4-2 ) x -8 = 1 +2x x^2 + 2x-8=1+2x x^2= 1 +2x-2x+8 =9 X = root9 =3 Therefore sunitha ' s present age is 3years
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