One of the most convenient and common excuse one has for sending his/her parents to an old age home is that there is no time nor the energy to take care of thier parents , well i strongly dissapprove and disagree with this notion . Even if both of the adults of the house are employed , there is always the option of hiring a maid or help for catering to the basic needs of the elders. Apart from that a phone call would suffice daily to check on them , that they are safe and not in need of anything. All of the resedential colonies or apartment have guards and neighbours are always there to be of assistance in case of medical emergencies or other mishaps. An alarm system in the house can ensure safety and technologies such as skype can be used to have a better view of the situation in the house . Handling your parents to a complete stranger not only impacts them emotionally but also the attachment which the elders have with their homes anf family members is very strong and detaching and adjusting to a whole new environment becomes a problem
There are many light recreational activities that can be introduced to them whcih will help them go about the day