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a. 15 lakhs make 15 lakhs.

b. 15 million = 15,000,000
1 lakh = 1,00,000
So in 15 million, there are 150 lakhs.

c. 2 crore = 2,00,00,000
1 lakh = 1,00,000
So in 2 crore, there are 200 lakhs.

2. No, the place value of a number never change, no matter which system we use. It remains same. 
The place value doesn't depend on the system used. The system only helps in reading the number.
The place value of 5 in 3,45,62,117 is 500000 in both systems.

1 5 1
In international system, we write it as 500,000
In Indian system, we write it as 5,00,000
Both have same value.