Pls dont hesitate physics enjoy learning

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The most probable reason for why you are not interested in physics is that you don't understand the concepts properly. As a result, you can't solve all the questions in physics and you lose interest. 
So what you should do is: Pay more attention in the class. Ask your teacher whenever you don't understand something. No matter how stupid that question is, just ask. If you don't ask, then you will face more difficulty in the next chapters to come and it will become large burden for you. So whenever you get a doubt, always ask your teacher. If not, ask someone who understands the concepts better.
Next thing you need to do is practice. Unless you practice the numerical questions, you will forget what was taught in class. It will be easier for you if you first understand the concepts and then practice. 
And after that when someone asks you to help them in physics, help them. It will just be a revision for you.

In the beginning, physics was hard for me too. But when I asked my teacher more questions, showed interest, he explained me in a very clear way. Then not only physics became my favourite subjects, Physics teachers also became my favourite. Try it once!
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