82/J,Dr. Ramen Basu Road,
                                                  Kolkata-700 001
                                                  6th October,2015
Dear Grandparents,
                           Hope you both are well by the grace of God.I am very sorry for not visiting your place since last year.i received your letter yesterday in which you have mentioned that you want to know that how i spend my vacations.well,i am writing to you to answer you.
                          every year it is the same routine for my vacations.i spend half of my vacation in visiting new places and the other half in this way , i have visited many interesting places  such as Tawang , Darjeeling , Shimla , Jammu and Kashmir , Rajasthan , Delhi , Punjab and many more.i love to visit new places because it refreshes my mind to a great extent.there is a vacation that i never use in visiting new is the puja vacation.i always like to be in Kolkata to visit the puja pundals and see the gods and goddess.
                           This year i have my parents have decided to take me to Chennai during my winter vacation.i wish i could take you both as well but your health would not permit you both to come with us but i promise to send you some nice pictures when i will come back from there.we will be going there for about fifteen days.the other left fifteen days would be used  for studying.i will do so as i have my examinations in February.

                        this is what i have planned till now.i will now end my letter here.hope you will enjoy reading this letter as much as i enjoyed writing it.looking for your reply. 
                                                                     your loving grand daughter , 
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