Dear diary,.............. I have got an amazing news! I have been nominated for the nobel prize in litreture! I feel very blessed... What more can a writer ask for? I was informed a few hours back that I have been nominated and scince then my frnds and other well wishers have been sending me congratulation messages. I am so tired of answering them and I am so glad that my work was recognised.. it is such an honour. I can't describe my emotions. When I first got this information, I was so stunned that I cud not move for about 6 minutes! I felt that I am dreaming and this dream is going somewhere pointlessly! I am astonished as well as happy. I can just say that I was dying to tell u all this and I m glad I finally am writing . I can just say that I feel blessed!...........Alice.
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U can elaborate this, it is nice.