Plasma that is collected solely for further manufacturing is called Source Plasma.
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An inductively coupled plasma (ICP) is a type of plasma source in which the energy is supplied by electric currents which are produced by electromagnetic induction, that is, by time-varying magnetic fields.Plasma sources generate plasmas. Excitation of a plasma requires partial ionization of neutral atoms and/or molecules of a medium.In our lab, three (groups of) spectrochemical plasma sources are studied: an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP), different kinds of Microwave Induced Plasmas. The Litmas RPS is the only fully integrated, remote, inductive plasma source and power delivery system available in a high-conductance.The addition of a plasma source to the coating chamber in evaporation processes provides a highly energetic plasma into the evaporation plume of the electron.The SVT Associates RF Plasma Sources are used in a variety of applications including Nitride MBE, Oxide MBE, and other plasma processing techniques.SourceLAB provides essential products for research in laser-plasma interaction at ultra-high intensities as well as in energetic radiation and particle sources.