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I am writing some description about France.

    France is a country in Europe continent.  France is a beautiful country.  France is in the Northern Hemisphere.  The weather in France is very warm and nice during the summer.  During winter it is cold in the North, but pleasant along the Mediterranean cost. 

   People in France speak French language.  French is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  France contributed to the world a number of scientific discoveries and inventions, a special culture, fashion world, special liquors, best most varieties of cheese, and the most savoury food varieties.

   French people are fun loving and peace loving people.  French have evolved a lot during the 20th century.  French have equipped their people with advanced technology in many fields.  Their public railway system is very sophisticated.  The fastest passenger trains called "TGV" (Train Grande Vitesse) travel at nearly 400 kmph.

     France has a wide variation in their landscape and weather.  On the North they have the Atlantic ocean and U.K. close by.  On the East there are Germany, Italy  and Switzerland.  On the South there is Spain.  The Mediterranean sea attracts a lot of tourists during Summer.   The Alps attract a number of tourists from all over the world.   Alps are the world famous mountains that contain peak "Mont Blanc", 3rd highest peak in the world.  

     French have a culture with families playing an important role in making the country.  The people understand their individual and social responsibilities.  Citizens contribute to their individual development as well as for the nation.  France produces electricity more than their own consumption using atomic power.  French like socialism and do not like anarchy or communism.  France is a part of European Union.  The currency in France is called Franc (100 cents).  In France there are a number of Europeans from neighbouring countries, who live harmoniously with local people.

     France takes many advanced and daring projects.  For example, the grand tunnel for railway commutation between France and England under the ocean is an achievement.  France has a number of  religious and entertainment spots to visit.  There is a mini Disneyland, which is interesting.  Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum,  Arc of victory,  Airport, Airbus industry , Alcohol brewing and production centers in the villages etc. are interesting places to visit.  Art in Paris has its own unique place in the world.   The river seine in Paris adds to the beauty of the city.  The metro, and bus transport which is technologically up to date, helps millions of people every day.

     Old people in France, want to protect their own culture and cultural heritage, like people in India do.  There are some similarities between India and French.

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