The post-liberalization phase has seen a new thrust to tourism promotion. In the wake of liberalization the(Government of India) Gol has given tourism the status of export industry ignoring the havoc it creates for local economy and ecology. The then Union Minister for Tourism, Madan Lai Khurana, representing Indian official position on tourism, said: “The industry had emerged into the second largest foreign exchange earner in the country and a major step taken by the government was to declare tourism as an ‘export industry’ , thereby granting all incentives available to export houses”.Also, the Centre considered inclusion of tourism in the Concurrent List, hitherto a state subject, and setting up a Board of Tourism Industry and Trade as part of new initiatives to boost development of tourism in our country. Recently, the Union cabinet has also decided to corporatise the tourism and catering operations of the Indian Railways; a Railways Catering and Tourism Development Corporation is to be set up for this purpose.