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     Hello friends! It is a pleasant topic to speak on "how I spend my weekend".  I am sure you will be quite enthusiastic on hearing what I am going to say. 

    I am residing in a hostel.  So life is some what different as compared to some of you living at home.  I have to wake up at the same time as I will miss my breakfast otherwise.  So I have a leisurely breakfast sipping my milk/coffee slowly.  I attempt to solve the cross word puzzle.  Later I wash my essential clothes and clean my room.  I get ready and check up my timetable for pending assignments.

   I take a little pleasure in listening to a little music.  Then it is time for lunch.  In the afternoon I visit some of my friends related to sports and other cultural activities.  I am also part of some activities in my school.  So I keep myself busy with those matters.  Its time to play games in the evening.

    I don't watch much of Television.  I have an interest in reading books of leisure and solving some puzzles.  I do some browsing on internet, partly for the assignment work and partly for social networking.  In the evening its time for a brief update talk with my parents, friends, brothers and sisters.

    Before I realize it, the weekend is already over.  In the night with a peaceful and contented heart I go to sleep early that is at 11pm.  I need to wake up early and go jogging in the morning.

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