Music is One of the most powerful things in our life without melodies and harmonies never exist...Listening to music helps me relax and destress my mind...I become calm n peaceful....I'll get totally lost in my own melody world.Whenever I'm free or whenever I'm moody I listen to some music and my energy pops in is a ki Gud of medicine for stress .these days the directors and the lyricists are composing very Gud music with great lyrics which is heart touching....sometimes tears flow out of my eyes when I listen to few tragedy songs..I believe music has the Ability to convey all sorts of emotions,whether it is sad,happiness, or despair the harmonies in the lyrics show it...When I watch music being played at live I almost cry literally transports me back just like a time machine... Music effects and means different to different people...for me music is not just melody and something just to is something to feel..Music is a immense thing which has a place right next to my heart..... I can't stop telling my views about music but I have to.... MUSIC IS A HEAVEN WHERE SOULS REST IN PEACE.....!!!
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Music is important for life, it is because without music, the life didn't exist. The nature itself is a music. The sound of the falling rain, is a music. The song of nightingale, is a music. The voice of cuckoo is a music. There are many poems about music in the literature world. Tamil poet - Bharathiyar, and many others said about the sweetest things of music. William Wordsworth had said about it.

We will listen to music when we are depressed, and we also listen to it, when we are in a happy mood. We listen to it, when we feel something is boring. We listen to melodies, rap music, etc...
So, our life runs because of this music. Therefore, music is important for our life.

Thank you.
Hope this will help you.

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