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     Rose is a beautiful flower.  It is called the queen (king) of flowers.  It has beautiful red, soft and curving petals.  They impress everyone.  They signify love and affection between persons, especially between two lovers. Many girls also bear the name of rose flower.

     Roses appear in many colours, like red, yellow, rose, white, pink, orange, peach, coral, and Lavender.  These are due to hybrid plants.  They come in light and deep shades.  It is not easy to grow the rose flowers.  They need cool weather and a lot of water.

     Roses are beautiful, but they have a lot of thorns on the stems too.  So we have to be careful, when we touch them and plucking them out.

     Roses are high demand during the Lovers day.  They are used a lot during marriages, family functions, prayers, garlanding famous persons etc.   Roses are used as medicines too.  Rose water was used as a luxury drink by Kings.  Rose water is good for health.  Roses are included in some dishes at the highest level of cuisine.  Roses are used in making perfumes also.

     Roses were liked by late Pandit Nehru, as a symbol of peace.

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