Today child labor is the one of major problem faced in India .
parents who don't have money to educate their children their child  remain 
uneducated this is the one of the major problem  which is faced in
 India . 
there child all so wont give any interest in education  .
so instead of  siting ideal they go some where and ask for job.
 this age group of ( 7-14 ) are more employed in this .
once they get interest in this work they totally lost their interest in study  . 
this lead to child labor . 
today the rate of child labor decreases by 22   percentage 
because due to only control of government of India 
only of their some planing like free education for the children age 7 to 14 and make it important . 
this may controller the child labor of India ................................................

so at last i would like to end my speech 
 '' say no to child labour and say yes to education ''

thank you

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