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Yes , introducing cycle rickshaws in cities will reduce the pollution.
cycle rickshaws not use any kind of fuel for running whereas other vehicles like cars, buses, etc. requires petrol, diesel, etc, kind of fuels. these natural resources get exhausted having a two fold effect.
1:reducing natural valuable resources
2:increasing pollution
cycle rickshaws will be  the best alternative for these.they will not only help out in reducing pollution and saving resources but also in creating more employment opportunities for the poor.

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Answer- Introducing cycle rickshaw is a great idea in the modern-techno era in order to avoid two major social evils i.e. UNEMPLOYMENT and POLLUTION. Also, it would be good for the rickshaw pullers for their health.
1. Unemployment can be eradicated as rickshaw pullers would get jobs to carry people and money as their earnings.
2. Pollution caused by vehicles can be reduced. We can curb air and noise pollution.
3. It is beneficial for their health as it can keep them fit and fine.
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