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They have several   representative, regulatory, administrative and developmental functions.

1)They institute solving the disputes of villagers. They do that by helding public meetings and collection the advice and opinions of everyone. (administrative function of the gram shabha.)

2) Promotion of educational, health, agriculture and communication facilities in the village. ( developmental function of  gram sabha.)

3) The sarpanch, gram sevak and members represent the voice and opinion of the village people to the gram panchayat to the taluka and zillia level. (representative function of the gram sabha.)

4) They conduct regular meetings and keeps record for various departments. (regulatory function of teh gram sabha.)

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are these the duties of gram panchayat or gram sabha ?? Gram sabha is the meeting of all people in the village... with government appointed secretary (same as that of the panchayat, )... sabha has different purpose..

gram sabha is the one who looks at all the working plans of the gram panchayat before it is represented to the people.

it is responsible for construction and looking after health and sanitation , water supply , public roads etc.

it has to look after the representatives who are elected as leaders and keep an eye on them.

it is also responsible for the collection of taxes.

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gram sabha is the meeting of all people in the village... it verifies the activities of the panchayat.. secretary of the gram sabha does the organizing work... Sabha is the supervisor over panchaayat... Check accounts/annual performances..
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