Nearly on second week of june 2013 the uttrakhand authorities  issued red alert on udraprayag on Wednesday after heavy rainfall was recorded in the region. 
High alert has also been issued in Uttarkashi. The alerts have been issued as preventive measures and responsible officers have also been positioned at all seven danger zones. 
It has rained heavily in the district over the past two days and the Bhagirathi river is flowing just two metres down the danger mark at 1102 metres. Tiloth, Purikher and Valmiki basti have been identified as the three vulnerable areas where a special vigil is being maintained." in June last year, flash floods in Uttarakhand caused widespread devastation that killed over 10,000 people and left many stranded. and in this flood all the houses near the river basin goes down .more than 10,000 people lost their families. thats the horrific tragedy that happens in uttrakhand .hope its not occur again in future .
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14th July was a good day for travellers to kedarnath.Then meteorologists forecasts that the monsoon have come twice fastly.It was not a good sign.Then the rain started.Rivers flooded And take them along with it..Many people died.Rambara was all flown away seems like there was ntohing.Hills were crcking.Rescue teams save many people but many died.