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Well  I believe they do they may not, but they are a living organism, my parents told me if I hurt a left, tree, and flower that it'll feel pain. It grows and needs water or plant food to survive. I don't think it have been proven that Plants have Feelings.

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caould u explain
if any form of life is obstructed from what it is doing, or hurt physically or cut, then it feels pain.. Pain in human beings and animals is caused by stretching of muscles, a cut in the skin, penetration of a sharp object into the skin etc. It is shown by flow of fluids and deformation of body part...

Similarly, plants also show signs of pain by flow of liquids at the cuts.. Dry plants and leaves do not show any signs. There is a difference.
Pain may be defined as the experience of a living being, when its normal existence in its shape, condition and composition is altered..
Any change in them causes the living being to immediately activate the response system to counter that or rectify that. The responses and expressions of plants in pain are different from those of birds, animals or human beings.
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