He / She should try his best to to reduce that habit.Because in this modern generation,its really important to mingle with family,friends and nature.He/She could utilise the environment and play some healthy games too. He / She could gradually shorten the timing and stop this .And if he/she is a school going student it is surely going to reflect on studies.It will affect him / her physically and mentally.So make your friend understand the negative effects of this and suggest him/her to enjoy nature.
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Can u pls elaborate on the topic
Watching TV often can lead into many problems:-
*Their eyes are surely going to be affected because it is such a stress for eyes watching tv for a long time.
*According to studies,the people who watches tv for a long time die earlier.
* People especially teens who Watch tv for a long time feels more tensed than others.
*It increases dullness in the person.
*It is a type of addiction smoking,alcohol,etc.
*It is a way for many health problems.
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1.befor starting a conversation woth her i will salect a programme which suits the best for her. i will make sure that she likes it by know ing her likes and dislikes. then i will start a conversation with her regarding some topic which she in mosly interested in. later i get to the topic of these serails and then i will convince her to c a video that would b more suitable for her.
2. slowly i will introduce her to programmes like travel and outgoing kinda thing . our live actions somewt resemble the programmes or shows that v watch . so there would b definitely some change in her and she would become a  outgoing person.
Can u pls elaborate a little more on the topic
first u should also have a complete idea about her
like her likes dislikes and more then u should have ur opinion about her which would help in her personality development.