We should conserve fuel because it is a natural substance and it is limited in the world. 
e can make fuel conservation as a habit by using less bike/car riding.If Child wants he plays a very major role in fuel conservation. if a child wants to go near to house he can go with there bicycle or by walking.

we should use less bike riding and because of it we can conserve the fuel. if anyone wants to go far away from house he can use bike only if it is very urgent or very necessary otherwise we should use bicycle or while walking we get conserve lot of fuel. if this activity is perform by whole world then definitely fuel never ends.

fuel is a natural source and it is limited so we should conserve it. we can conserve it in many ways like if signal shows red light so we should turn off the engine because it safes fuel. we can conserve fuel by driving slow because if we ride fast engine becomes hot and they want more fuel so we should use less accelerator while driving. we should try to drive in a cool time like in the evening or in night. by driving slow we can conserve fuel and use it for a longer time.

We should conserve fuel as we are exploiting it so rapidly that it's speed of renewability cannot keep pace with it's usage and demand. We know that fuel on earth is limited. If we continue to use it at the rate we do now, it won't last long. It take millions of years for its formation. Specially fuels like petroleum and coal.
We can save it by-
- carpooling
- using a bicycle or simply walking short distances
- turning the vehicle off at traffic lights
- using public transport
- use ac's less
- We should use alternatives like CNG and LPG or even solar energy.