My duties towards my nation:-
We are all living in a nation, which is democratic(mostly). So, we are all living in a democratic nation; and so, we all have some basic fundamental rights. These are,
Right to freedom, Right against exploitation, and so on. Therefore, we all have some duties towards our nation. Some of our basic duties are to keep our nation clean.
We should obey all the rules laid by the government. Many of us are not obeying the rules because we are not respecting our country. So, we should respect our country, and should try to become a good and faithful citizen to the country.
In India, the central government, had started the "Clean India campaign". It has reached many people at the time of start, but after that, many started to throw wastes in the public places, than in the garbage. The government had tried to make awareness among the people by posting ads in the televisions, but, it was of no use. So, it is our general duty to keep our nation clean; and to be a good citizen to the country. We should keep the words of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in mind, that all of us should dream, and the dream which Kalam says was the dream which doesn't allows us to sleep; and not the one which we see while sleeping. 
So, we should have a goal which makes us to strive hard in our life; and, also to bring good name and fame to the country, by succeeding in our goal.

So, as said by Swami Vivekananda, ARISE! AWAKE! STOP NOT! TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED!!!

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