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Blue jay -- it's a bird, native to North America, also known as jay bird 
cat -- omnivore, pet, viviparous 
cow -- herbivore, gives milk , viviparous, extremely useful 
dog -- omnivore, pet, guards the house, viviparous 
duck -- bird, cannot fly high , it is omnivorous and feed mainly on aquatic plants.
frog -- amphibian, younger one is called toad, mostly carnivorous, oviparous 
geese -- waterfowls , their lifespan is between 10-24 years.
goat -- herbivore, viviparous , gives milk, milk is rich in protein 
horse -- herbivorous, viviparous, used by equestrians for horse riding 
lion -- carnivorous, viviparous, king of the jungle
pig -- even toed ungulate, life span of 8 years,wild boar comes under the pig family 
raccoon -- medium sized mammal, native to North America, omnivorous and nocturnal 
rooster -- male chicken , polygamous 
turkey -- bird , reared in North America 
zebra -- herbivore,unique black and white stripes helps it to create confusion to the predator when it stays in groups .
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