Well, to start on with beauty, then i would say that it is just a personified adjective which we use to describe a person who we feel is good in physical terms. But one would wonder what could be the exact description of beauty. It finally depends on how people really judge you. In many cases I have known, people think you are beautiful because you are good enough to them or they might like you in some other way. Ironically when they are finished satisfying their purpose with you, for them then, you are not beautiful!
Well a beauty is not which you owe physically but it is something which should be naturally inside you. For example, if you do not look as good as others, it does not mean that you are not beautiful. But beauty is seen when such a person comes out with good deeds which are beneficial for the society. You may think that this is becoming quite moralized in its own sense but a perfect answer to beauty is : SOME PERSON WHO'S HEART STANDS FOR OTHERS OWES BEAUTY !