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Our political system is for governance of our community,
Democracy or another is a way for governance politically.
All we do is establish policies, rules, laws and Acts at our will,
Does anyone remember what I said in my political will?

Happiness the main need of community people,
Politics mainly to promote the human happiness,
As you commemorate my anniversary day,
Once again I remind you all political people.

Provide for good health, employment and job satisfaction,
Control inequality, Crime, Exploitation, Corruption and inflation,
Civil rights, food supplies enhanced with Freedom of Expression,
Allow Common man woman share joy exercising religion.

Still are my unfortunate unhappy poor in this millennium,
Let not causes of unrest arise in public says JP Narayan,
For true politics of socialistic democracy is happiness promotion,
Curtail not that lest face anger of nation and your imminent demolition.

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